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Business posting guidelines and regulations

For use by LFSs (Aquarium stores) and other Aquarium related businesses with a shopfront for posts of commercial nature including stock lists, business announcements, specials, employment opportunities, etc. The rules for this forum are outlined in the RTAW Rules, Policies and Disclaimers.

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Business posting guidelines and regulations

Postby MASA » Thu 11 Oct, 2007 3:41 pm

There are a few rules and guidelines which need to be followed when posting on RTAW.

Before posting: To participate on the RTAW Forums businesses are required to
(1) Ensure their businesses details are listed in the [http://www.masa.asn.au/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=184]RTAW Business Directory[/url],
(2) Register their details with MASA, &
(3) Update their signature as per the new Business Signature Guidelines.
All new accounts will be required to register within 14 days.

Posting rules: We have relaxed the rules associated with businesses posting on RTAW to improve the exchange of information between all users of RTAW. There are however still a number of types of posts that are not allowed to be made anywhere other than one of the Business Forums. For more detail on this please see Businesses & MASA: RTAW Forum Participation.

Choosing the right forum: If you are a retail business with a shop front open to the general public then the most appropriate place for you to post is the LFS Business Forum. If you are a wholesaler, importer, distributor, online seller, collector, etc then the most appropriate place for you to post is the Other Business Forum.

If you have any questions re the above or any of the other components of our service or partnership offers then please ask!
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