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Bad service Age of Aquarium

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Bad service Age of Aquarium

Postby worthy1 » Thu 29 Oct, 2015 8:31 am

Seeing as though you cant post bad feedback in the actual AOA section of these forums, hopefully this one can stay seeing as though a lot of members are having issues with them. It is important to ensure people are aware of these things before placing orders and it is more important than the forum looking after paying sponsors.

It has almost been 3 months since I placed my order with them, these are the turn of events:
- 3 weeks later the order arrived with key parts missing. No emails, calls or anything in the box advising of holdups or issues.
- Emailed AOA that day to ask what the go was or was there a missing box.
- No reply a week later so I make a call. They looked into it and would call back. Missed the call but the message left was they were being sent overnight.
- A week later nothing, called again. This time I was told they have been on back order and should be here within a week to two weeks.
- 3 weeks pass and still nothing so I send another email.
- A week later still and no reply to the email I call again. Was told they will look into it and callback
- Days pass again and I call once again, was told they didn't have my number (pretty sure it should be on my order details) and I advised I want my money back, the response was sure thing. I advised I would callback with my bank details.
- Called back not long after and left my bank details and contact details with another member. Was told will make sure they get them.
- A week later nothing in my account so I call again. They advised I never called back and were 'shocked' when I said I left the details with another staff member. They advised to email the details, I said you guys don't reply to emails. He checked and could only see one email from me and I called the day after sending it (as you can see above that was not the case).
- They promised they would keep an eye out for it and will call me as soon as they receive it to confirm.

So surprise surprise today is a week later again with nothing in my bank account and no response or phone call. I will be calling again today but my patience is definitely at an end. I have wasted that much time chasing this with absolutely no effort on their behalf to keep the customer informed. The next step for me is the ACCC, it is beyond a joke and its not right for a business just to keep a customers money for this long with no exchange of goods.

Hope this helps others and I know others are getting similar service
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Re: Bad service Age of Aquarium

Postby Ageofaquariums » Thu 29 Oct, 2015 10:24 am

Hi Worthy1,

As we all know the previous owner leaving was sudden and a lot of our loyal customers have suffered from the aftermath of this happening.

I can appreciate your frustration completely, i would be the same. Your patience has been greatly appreciated in this issue.

We received your Email with your account details on the 21/10/15. I phoned you on the 22/10/15 at 11.43am leaving a voicemail, i obviously won't divulge your personal contact number on here. We transferred your refund on the 24th. To be honest i was snowed under for a couple of days.

Your Reference number for the transaction REF NO 6996371. Please feel free to contact your financial institution as i will be doing the same.

At the same time please feel free to phone me, as can any other forum member. Myself and our team have been doing the best we can during that time, and yes it hasn't met everyones standards. But the mess that was left behind is finally cleared, the shelves are stocked and we are climbing up the cliff stronger then ever before.

Kind Regards

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Re: Bad service Age of Aquarium

Postby worthy1 » Thu 29 Oct, 2015 3:41 pm


Unfortunate the bank issue is just another comical issue along the way. As mentioned I don't have voicemail for starters but regardless of all this what I have had to deal with in 3 months has nothing to do with the previous owner:
- 3 Emails un-replied to.
- No phone calls to myself to let me know what is happening (apart from apparently one last week)
- Inconsistent information
- Details being left with people and not being passed on.

These are all problems experienced with you guys not the previous owner and it doesn't take much. The frustration is from no sign of service to the customer regarding issues except acting nice on the phone when calling. I don't have time and shouldn't have to spend the time I have chasing this up myself. You are also providing a service that this sort of issue could seriously damage someones livestock. From the first post I put up weeks ago (was removed) I am not the only one similar things have happened to.

I hope you do sort yourselves out and always wish businesses the best, but I wont be using AOA again as its too much or a risk and heart ache if it goes belly up to try see if its better. A shame because I have been using AOA for years and years ago with my first tank.

Look forward to my money finally so I can actually buy the products I wanted 3 months ago.
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Re: Bad service Age of Aquarium

Postby Ageofaquariums » Thu 29 Oct, 2015 7:54 pm

Hi Cameron,

As to our previous conversation via phone today i have looked further into it for you. I have