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Exotic Pets and Aquarium Pty Ltd

Exotic Pets and Aquarium Pty Ltd

Postby chromus » Tue 02 Jun, 2015 2:27 pm

Business Logo: [img]Awaiting%20Logo[/img]

Type of store: OLFS, LFS, Wholesaler, Importer, Distributer - Retail Pet Shop

Business Name: - Exotic Pets and Aquarium Pty Ltd

Address: (if physical store) Unit 4/ 11 Eileen St, Underwood, Qld, 4119

Hours of operation: Mon - Fri - 10am to 5.30pm / Sat - 10am to 4.30pm / Sun - 10am - 4pm

Contact Phone number/Website: 0732994639

Email: Contact email address accounts@exoticpet.com.au

ABN: 67 604 445 114

Payment methods accepted What payment methods or finance options you offer. Credit Card/ Paypal/ Cash/ Bank Transfer are all accepted

RTAW contact: registered usernames that represent or are employed by this business. Aaron Mellor - Sirreefalot

RTAW member discounts: discounts your business offers to RTAW/MASx society members 10% off all live stock to all members

Description: A description of your business, products and services offered. We are all about Exotic Birds, Marine and Freshwater Fish! Soon we will be expanding into Exotic Reptiles, Spiders and Scorpions! Etc.

Additional details: anything further you wish to include We are a slowly growing our business to provide our customers with a wide range of products at great prices!
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