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hows those wild colonies going ?

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hows those wild colonies going ?

Postby jestronix » Tue 21 Apr, 2015 7:32 pm

After 6 years or so of reefing I have learnt my lesson around buying wild colonies, it's a lotto as to how hardy they are and how slow their death will be. So id say 25% or so keep their color and grow at a nice rate, the rest either die slowly over months or years or lose colour and don't grow. Hands down frags are pretty hard to kill, they color up nicely and often grow like a boss. They a very tolerant of the swings in parameters in a home tank.

I'd like to hear how others have faired with their wild colonies? What percentage survive and colour up nicely ? Do u just go for frags only now? By frags I'm talking about multi generational frags.
its all about learning.
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