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Postby MeLLeR » Thu 16 Jan, 2014 2:59 pm

Business Logo: Image

Type of store: OLFS, LFS by appointment only

Business Name: Morphology

Address: 3 Inlet st, Aspendale, Victoria, 3195

Hours of operation: Wednesday, Friday and Sat/Sun by appointment between 9am-6pm

Contact Phone number/Website:
Ph: (03)9580 4834
Web: http://Morphology.net.au

Email: Enquiries@morphology.net.au

ABN:69 687 843 797

Payment methods accepted Paypal/credit card preferred (including Bill Me Later) or cash accepted in person.

RTAW contact: Hollyroseann, morphology

RTAW member discounts: We offer 10% off all stock to MASx society members.

Description: We are a small, focused business venture that propagates Corallimorpharia. Our stock includes Amplexidiscus 'Elephant ear', Discosoma/Actinodiscus 'Smooth face', Rhodactis 'Hairy mushroom' and Ricordea 'Yuma'. We offer Australia-wide online purchases and shipping, and local pick up purchases from our premises in Aspendale.

Additional details: Check out our ad in the classifieds for information about receiving store credit for your tank-bred corallimorphs; alternatively contact us to discuss.
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