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The purpose of this forum is to allow people to showcase their tanks, and allow other uses to ask questions on equipment, livestock, methodology etc.

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Postby chromus » Sun 14 Apr, 2013 10:44 pm

The winner of the First EVER 2013 TOTF competition is:

Danestead with his amazing Mixed Reed tank !

Prizes kindly donated by:

Aquablue Distribution


Dane has won:

Ocean Nutrition Foods Prize Pack


You can find out more about this tank in Tank Journal

1) How Long have you been in the hobby ? Freshwater on and off since about 10yrs old with the standard Goldfish, Guppies, Tetras etc and cichlids. 20L Pico reef whilst I lived in Sydney for 10 months then this tank.

2a) What size is your winning tank, dimensions and litres? 4' x 2' x 2', approx. 400-425L running volume including sump.

2b) Any reasons for that size tank? It was as big as I could go to fit where I wanted it to.

2c) How long has this tank been setup? 5 months

3a) What is your goal for this tank? Visually stunning in the living area of our house. Mixed reef with mainly LPS however I've reserved some real estate on the top of my bommies for SPS when my water parameters fall into place.

3b) Have you researched anything specifically to reach this goal? Anything and everything you could think of beginning about 6 months before the strike up date of this tank.

3c) Biggest lesson you've learnt whilst planning/setting up this tank? Stop counting your $$$ when it hits 10k. Just use live rock to begin with. I tried to setup this tank without any live rock to avoid getting Mantis Shrimp because of a previous issue with my Pico. I got a bacterial bloom which went for 6 weeks. Whether this was caused by not having live rock, I am not sure and will never know, however I added 5kg of live rock anyway and it finally cleared itself.

3d) Any tips you'd like to pass on for others to learn from? There is conflicting views and opinions online and in person. Gather all the info you can and run with what you feel sounds right and reasonable.

4) Do you have a sump and/or refugium? If so, what size? Sump with 3 sections, (Skimmer, return, Refugium). 80cm x 44cm x 40cm total size. Refugium is 45L. The reason for the central return is so that I can adjust the flow rate through the refugium. The refugium hasn't got a light at the moment so just has about 5kg worth of live rock.

5) Filtration eg. amount of live rock, sand bed or bare bottom, mechanical filtration etc? Approx. 40kg of dry rock plus 5kg live rock. 2" Sand bed.

6) Do you have a skimmer? If so, what? Bubble Magus Curve 180 with Vertex Vectra automatic skimmer cleaner fitted.

7) Water flow/movement (power heads etc)? 2 x Ecotech Vortech MP40wes running on Reef Crest Sync mode at 75%. I've got a bit of cyano at the moment which is why it is running up that high. I normally run them at 50% which gives roughly 40x turnover (16,000lph).

8) Lighting, type and times? 2 x Ecotech Radion XR30w Gen 1 with TIR lenses fitted. I will be upgrading to the Pro's as soon at the option is available in Australia. Basically, I have a 2hr sunrise, 10hrs at 100% power, 1.5hr sunset and a couple of hours of moonlight.

9) Other equipment such as auto top-off, Ca reactor etc? Tunze Osomolator topping up from a custom 35L glass tank in the cabinet. Kamoer 4 pump master dosing Randy's Recipe Alk, Calc, Mag.

10) Water parameter targets? 26 deg, 1.025, PH generally 8.2, Calc 430ppm, Mag ~1300ppm, Alk 180ppm (10dkh), PO4 <0.05 however struggling to get it below 0.10ppm hence no SPS yet.

11) Additives and conditioners (kalk, phosphate removers etc.): 2 x TLF 150 running carbon and RowaPhos. Currently dosing 60mL of Randy's Recipe per day.

12) Fish stock: 6 Line Wrasse, Blue Spot Lawnmower Blenny, Pair of wild caught Percula Clowns, Yellow Tang, Blonde Lipstick Tang.
12a) Planned: Royal Gramma, Psychedelic Mandarin and 4 x Sunset Anthias.

13) Coral stock:. I like gardens. Hammer garden, Acan Garden, Goni Garden, Zoanthid Garden and a lonesome Scolly and Brain. Also a few free SPS frags which were testers basically (looking nice an unvibrant atm!)
13a) Planned: Roughly 2 or 3 acro colonies on top of each bommie.

14) Other Inverts: Pair of Coral Banded Shrimp plus 12 trochus snails. I've saved space for a small clam.

15) Maintenance such as water changes, cleaning etc? 10% water change per week with NSW. Standard glass cleaning, skimmer deep cleaning, changing over of the carbon and RowaPhos every so often etc.

16) Acknowledgements, thank-you's and any other comments you would like to make that don't apply elsewhere.

Thanks to my girlfriend Natalie who puts up with me paying more attention to the tank than her. Huge thanks to Darren and Matt at Reef Secrets Aquariums on the Gold Coast who get in some amazing stock. Also, Ben and his team at Age of Aquariums for outstanding customer service and prices.

Did you search RTAW Reefpedia B4 asking your question?

My Tank Journals
8x3x2.5 With Webcam
Tank Monitor (Work in Progress)
My reefs power consumption is offset with solar power
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Re: 1st ever Tank Of The Future Winner

Postby danestead » Mon 15 Apr, 2013 12:06 am

Thank you very much to all who nominated me. I hope that this tank has as great a future as you all are predicting it to have. :cheers:
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Re: 1st ever Tank Of The Future Winner

Postby Reefspec » Mon 15 Apr, 2013 1:01 am

Wa ho!! Congratulations buddy well done all the best for the future!!!
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Re: 1st ever Tank Of The Future Winner

Postby AquaBlue » Mon 15 Apr, 2013 8:46 am

Nice one!
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Re: 1st ever Tank Of The Future Winner

Postby ssscuz » Mon 15 Apr, 2013 2:49 pm

Congrats mate. Well deserved tank looks great
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Re: 1st ever Tank Of The Future Winner

Postby parrdog » Tue 16 Apr, 2013 12:02 pm

Well done mate :).
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Re: 1st ever Tank Of The Future Winner

Postby danestead » Fri 19 Apr, 2013 10:51 pm

cheers all!
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