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joining the 120 clan

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joining the 120 clan

Postby brissy_cam » Thu 18 Feb, 2016 4:49 pm

Hi sorry for skipping the introduction section but I am looking at purchasing a mini reef 120, I am still undecided between the 120 and 150 but think I like the dimension of the 120 being rectangular and the extra 50mm of floor space allowing me to form a channel to create depth in the tank. I am currently at the ideas stage so any input would be greatly appreciated I am starting my masters degree so have a relatively large amount of time to diy alternatives.

In terms of upgrades I am looking at the AI hydra 26 or a single kessil a360W, tunze auto-topup and an additional jebao RW-4 power head plus sand, live rock and coral/fish from your shop. the planned hardscape is to have 2 islands one larger 40 centimeters in size consisting mainly of live rock/pvc to begin with and a small 10-15cm island on the sides for Zoas and lower light corals. In terms of stocking I am look at one clam, one anemone+onyx clown pair, bicolour blenny or royal gramma one SPS coral might hold on purchasing that so i can work out colours. That is my must have list so I will be looking for more to fill possible spaces. if you think I should go the 150 mini reef I would welcome that advice my reason for going the smaller system is that I like the dimension of the tank over the mini reef 150.

This is the planned position for the tank and being in brisbane will probably need a chiller. For reference the black stand is 60cm wide. Can I get away without a chiller while cycling?
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Re: joining the 120 clan

Postby chromus » Fri 19 Feb, 2016 12:23 pm

Looks good, as a recommendation before you dive in, have another power point put on the wall behind where the white cabinet is rougly inline with te right hand black handle, you can NEVER have too many power points.
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Re: joining the 120 clan

Postby REDSEAMAX250 » Sat 20 Feb, 2016 5:56 pm

ive got the 120 and added a Kessil 360 with the controller - I love the shimmer it has, cant wait to add more coral etc
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