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The purpose of this forum is to allow people to showcase their tanks, and allow other uses to ask questions on equipment, livestock, methodology etc.

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Postby Kransky » Tue 01 Apr, 2014 10:09 pm

The winner of the March 2014 TOTF competition is:

Chromus with his amazing Mixed reef Centrepiece tank !

Prizes kindly donated by:

Aquablue Distribution


Phil has won:

Ocean Nutrition Foods Prize Pack


You can find out more about this tank in Phils Journal

1) How Long have you been in the hobby ? 4 years, along the way I have had 4 tanks.

2a) What size is your winning tank, dimensions and litres? 8x3x2.5 with a DT of 1600L

2b) Any reasons for that size tank? I was promised a 10ft tank, but the room just couldn't accomodate it :wall:

2c) How long has this tank been setup? 5 1/2 months since it was setup again after the base cracked

3a) What is your goal for this tank? Keep my wallet empty :roflmao: In seriousness, the tank is a centrepiece for the house, it's the 1st thing visitors see when they walk in and it is visible from the lounge and family room, so most of the day it is right where everyone is.

3b) Have you researched anything specifically to reach this goal? You name it, I researched it, you can't build something this size and expect success without checking 1st, most things ended up working, but the closed loop was a fail (for now).

3c) BIggest lesson you've learnt whilst planning/setting up this tank? Plumbing costs a fortune, and measure, check, measure, check again, measure again and then do it.

3d) Any tips you'd like to pass on for others to learn from? Slow and steady wins the race, if something is going to be tight deadline wise, it WILL over run, so reschedule.

4) Do you have a sump and/or refugium? If so, what size? 5x2x1.5 sump

5) Filtration eg. amount of live rock, sand bed or bare bottom, mechanical filtration etc? Aqua Excel Biopellet Reactor and Bubble King SM250 Skimmer, filter socks if/when the tank looks like there are excessive particulates

6) Do you have a skimmer? If so, what?Bubble King Supermarin 250

7) Water flow/movement (power heads etc)? 2x Vortech MP60 + 2x Vortech MP40

8) Lighting, type and times? 2x ATI Powermodule Hybrids.

9) Other equipment such as auto top-off, Ca reactor etc? Osmolator

10) Water parameter targets? Nothing unusual, 420ish Ca, 11DkH, <0.06 PO4.

11) Additives and conditioners (kalk, phosphate removers etc.) Randys recipe, and biopellets.

12) Fish stock
2x Lemonpeel Angels (centrogype flavissima)
Goldrim tang (acanthurus Nigricans)
2x Occelaris clowns (amphiron occelaris)
Dispar anthias
Blue tang
Purple Queen Anthias
Bristletooth tang
Sailfin tang (Zebrasoma Veliferum)

13) Coral stock. Mixed SPS/LPS and some softies

14) Other Inverts. The usual snails

15) Maintenance such as water changes, cleaning etc? Weekly 100L water change and pellet topup. Refill the supps every 3 weeks

16) Acknowledgements, thank-you's and any other comments you would like to make that don't apply elsewhere. Rod the reefer, MeLLeR, n0rk, Some_one, Notsomot, Galleri3090, Choppa all of whom provided guidance and support along the way to help this all come together. :bow: :bow: :bow:

Grats to Chromus :thumbsup: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
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Re: ToTF March 2014

Postby Choppa » Tue 01 Apr, 2014 10:58 pm

Nice one Phil :clap:
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Re: ToTF March 2014

Postby happy1 » Wed 02 Apr, 2014 7:29 am

:clap: :clap: :clap: :cheers:
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Re: ToTF March 2014

Postby AquaBlue » Thu 03 Apr, 2014 8:27 pm

Congrats Phil
Your ocean Nutrition Prize pack is on the way
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Re: ToTF March 2014

Postby chromus » Fri 04 Apr, 2014 5:22 pm

That was mighty quick Time the pack arrived this morning


I do have a quick question for you Tim, the easter eggs -> are they sinking or floating or better off in the vegeclip? :roflmao:
Did you search RTAW Reefpedia B4 asking your question?

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Re: ToTF March 2014

Postby cody.sheridan-2008 » Fri 04 Apr, 2014 5:47 pm


We'll done, and thanks to Tim for sponsoring!
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Re: ToTF March 2014

Postby lorby » Fri 04 Apr, 2014 8:48 pm

Well done! Looks great!
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Re: ToTF March 2014

Postby 1dantheman » Sun 27 Apr, 2014 11:48 pm

Hey phill tank looks great!! Nice work.
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