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Toxic algae ...

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Toxic algae ...

Postby Rhynobar » Thu 15 Nov, 2018 5:55 pm

Hi there,

I was just curious if anyone has heard of or experienced 'toxic algae' in their systems which has killed algae eating inhabitants ?

I have a 70 gallon tank been running for over 18 months. All parameters are good.
Currently have clowns, chromis, peppermint shrimp various LPS corals all happy and healthy. Have been battling turf algae and of late GHA and a bit of green bubble algae.

About 2 months ago I lost a healthy looking lawn mower blenny, in the last month I have lost all my turbo snails ( all nassarius still healthy as they don't consume algae rather detritus) and the last couple of weeks I lost 2 foxface rabbit fish within 36 hours 1 week apart. No apparent marks or white spot was noted.

Any help or experience shared would be greatly appreciated.


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