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Fish Disease ID

For all your fish related discussions, including identification, husbandry, ecology, biology, diseases, taxonomy, etc. If it has a backbone discuss it here.

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Fish Disease ID

Postby Rachel » Fri 05 Oct, 2018 4:25 pm

Hi everyone, I’m currently working in a small town pet store. We have a small range of marine fish and coral. I only know a small amount about marine and recently we had who we call “our marine guy” move away and cease employment with us. So I’ve thrown myself into learning as much as I can. Anyway, we have a pair of clownfish and for the past 2 month it has had what I believe to be some type of disease. It has white fluffy looking growths all over body and has become lethargic. I’ve been googling but there are many possibilities. Unsure if it’s bacterial, fungal or parasites. I’m leaning towards fungal. Then I’m reading about something called Brooklynella and that sounds right but also kills rapidly which is not the case for this fish. The previous “marine guy” was treating the tank with god knows what before he left but it didn’t seem to help. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great. TIA

P.s. how do I add a photo?
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