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Tomini tang ich after copper or bacterial ?, ID please ?

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Tomini tang ich after copper or bacterial ?, ID please ?

Postby Minireefer2017 » Wed 26 Sep, 2018 8:33 pm

So ive had a tomini tang in qt now for 14 days of cupramine removed this saturday to seperate sterile tank temporarily with ammo-lock & washed QT thoroughly plus all new water and started praziquantel treatment due for second round this sunday .. he has been an incredibly voracious eater during this whole process never showing one sign of ich or any spots at all .. ive been feeding nori daily while dosing Aquaforest Fish V directly into the water he has HLLE which has been getting a lot better/he is getting nice and fat so ive been doing my best to give this guy a good shot at a long life in my new 425 XL.

So tonight ive noticed two small white spots on the rear following the lateral line i dont think its ich as ive dealt with it before but im not sure .. could this be bacterial ?
is it in fact ich and i should re introduce cupramine alongside praziquantel ?
its just odd as its only two small spots which leads me to believe ny initial treatment worked.
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