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Stocking for 120L

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Stocking for 120L

Postby gdogger231 » Thu 08 Jun, 2017 6:28 pm

I've got an AquaOne MiniReef 120L and wanted a few suggestions on my stocking list.

Currently there are the 2 Clownfish and 4 cheap snails and 3 hermit crabs in there, as well as two small hammer corals and a small fungia plate coral, all doing fine.
I'd like to add a Coral banded shrimp and a yellow clown goby, I'm also considering removing the 4 cheap snails that are in there (they never do anything) and getting 2 Nassarius snails.

So what else do you guys think would be a good addition to the tank?
- Some kind of herbivorous fish?
- Something that'll spend time on the sand, maybe a sand sifting goby

Is 4 or 5 fish, a coral banded shrimp, hermits and snails too much for this size tank?

And please correct if i'm wrong, but I've always thought I could keep aggression to an absolute minimum if I get fish that all occupy different niches within the tank.
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Re: Stocking for 120L

Postby Aydee » Fri 09 Jun, 2017 10:15 am

For a 120L 4 or 5 is starting to push limits. As always, depends on the fish.

Another fish to consider would be a blennie of some sort. Lots out there. I love the bicolours. But they all have lots of personality.

Regardless all that, the biggest issue will be how bossy your clowns get. Sometimes you get lucky, but they tend to be quite aggressive.

As for the niche thing. It's not something I'd rely on. A clown will occupy an area of the tank and will harass any other fish that comes into that area (Free swimming, ground crawling etc)

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Re: Stocking for 120L

Postby gdogger231 » Fri 09 Jun, 2017 2:17 pm

Thanks for the advice :)

I reckon I'll go with some sort of blenny, likely the bicolour like you mentioned because I agree that they do look pretty cool. Might add a Clown goby later down the line after a couple months of just the 3 fish and coral banded in there, depending on how it's going and that'd be the max I reckon.

I thought as much about the niche thing, just a theory I've always had myself :)
Hi, I am new around here!
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