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Removing Ich from Natural Sea Water

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Removing Ich from Natural Sea Water

Postby Aquaman2 » Wed 12 Apr, 2017 5:57 pm

I have a mixed reef tank with fish, corals (LPS & SPS) and a pair of coral banded shrimp.

I recently suffered from a rather bad outbreak of Ich.

So I tore down all my rock and removed the fish. They are currently being treated with Cupramine in a hospital tank.

I plan to leave the display tank fishless for 3 months to break the Ich's life cycle and hopefully get rid of it.

My concern is that I may be reintroducing Ich every time I do a water change because I use NSW.

Does anyone have any clever ideas for killing off Ich in NSW?

Are there filters that will remove it?

I was thinking about heating it to 35+ degrees, but the internet provides mixed messages about whether that kills Ich.

Alternatively should I get more storage keep my NSW in storage for 3 months before I use it?
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Re: Removing Ich from Natural Sea Water

Postby Onsan » Wed 12 Apr, 2017 9:08 pm

Not a concern.
C.irritans has a 28day lifecycle, you only need to keep it fishless for that period, it also only hatches at night and must find a host within 24hrs. The likelihood of capturing a free swimming theront while collecting water is infinitesimally small, however if you held the water overnight or filtered it to 30um or less you would eliminate the concern entirely.
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