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Fighting Clowns

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Fighting Clowns

Postby Mike2k7 » Mon 02 Jan, 2017 5:42 pm

Hi friends.
I have had my tank running for the past 8 weeks and I've the past 2 weeks the bigger clown has been very aggressive toward the smaller one. The small one now hides behind rocks and the power head. Should I sell one? Let them fight it out until the bigger one becomes female (at least that is my understanding hehe).

Any help will be appreciated.

Cheers Michael
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Re: Fighting Clowns

Postby Aydee » Mon 02 Jan, 2017 7:07 pm

The larger one is female. The smaller one is male.
It's a dominance thing.
This tends to be a pretty normal thing. Keep an eye out for shredded fines, but normally, this works itself out.
Ensure they are fed sufficiently. If the female feels that there is less competition for food, then there will be less aggression (don't just dump the food though. Be sensible. Give a decent feed to him and her).
In time you'll see the male doing a 'submission' thing. Whem you see him lie on his side and shake like he's being electrocuted, then he's doing submission. THIS IS NORMAL! Don't panic. It looks crazy. But this is a good thing. It is like a dog rolling on its back.

Keep an eye out. But this should settle down as dominance is asserted.

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