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Fumigating the house with a 7x2x2 Reef

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Fumigating the house with a 7x2x2 Reef

Postby hydra52's » Mon 02 Jan, 2017 2:38 pm

Greetings Fellow Reefers,
I have a question that I would like to ask to a community of devoted marine enthusiasts. I know that fumigating or bombing the house with chemicals is definitely a bad plan if I wish to keep my reef alive. However, due to an infestation of mites on my chickens brought by the Indian minor birds on my property, I seem to have a small number of mites that have hitched a ride on me and decided to call my lounge (my prime reef viewing location) home.
Firstly, I am very sensitive and covered in very irritating bites. Despite broad consensus, they do feed on humans as I have the histamine reaction to prove it therefore something must be done IMMEDIATELY.
I have been diligent with my research but have yet to find anything related to using Organic Essential Oils -Cedar,Tea tree,Eucalyptus Oil specifically (through a fogging machine) around a living reef.
Does anyone have any experience with anything like this? Can anyone tell me if I were to tarp the whole tank including stand and sump, fumigate the house with Cedar, Tea tree and Eucalyptus oils if these compounds would still be harmful to my reef?
I thank you all in advance for your help, I need a solution ASAP
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Re: Fumigating the house with a 7x2x2 Reef

Postby Onsan » Mon 02 Jan, 2017 8:04 pm

an impermeable covering of some sort and positive clean air pressure are the best preparation.
turning off protein skimmers is a must.
a tarp or plastic covering with air fed from outside via a small blower into the top of the enclosed tank air space will prevent contamination by using clean air to displace the fumigated air.
may be difficult to achieve though.
have had success with simply covering the tank with wet towels and plastic.
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