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Tuskfish spitting out food.

PostPosted: Wed 28 Dec, 2016 11:59 pm
by trash
Hi all,

I have had a harlequin tuskfish juvenile (about 10cm) in my quarantine tank for 2 weeks now. At first he was eating brine shrimp, white shrimp and mysis shrimp quite well. In the second week I noticed he would start spitting out the food (same food as the week before). I have to physically remove the uneaten food after meal time (2-3 times a day). I have done 40% weekly water changes and after noticing the spitting behaviour I treated him with praziquantel thinking he might have some internal worms.

He is in a 100 litre quarantine tank with SG at 1.018, ammonia 0, pH 8.0 (have to keep buffering every few days) and temp 25 degrees. He still seems quite alert and hasn't lost much condition but I'm concerned about the lack of food intake affecting him soon.

I have been making sure the ammonia doesn't cause a problem but I have an internal power filter and a sponge filter seeded from the display tank.

Any ideas?

Cheers Dave