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UV question for QT/Frag tank/refugium

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UV question for QT/Frag tank/refugium

Postby Matt1961 » Tue 06 Oct, 2015 10:53 pm

just some random dribble from me tonight while i try and think of some more work

I am contemplating putting in a refugium/frag/qt tank and feeding this new tank off the main return pump (install atee and valve to restrict the flow into new tank a bit).
The water from this new tank will then overflow through a bulkhead and pipe into the DT sump

My question is
If i was to pass all of the water that leaves this new tank through a UV will it kill all of the free swimming disease/parasites (such as WS)before they entered the DT?
If it did kill all the free swimming parasites would i need to run the UV full time? or could i run for the duration of the QT period and then another 6-8 weeks of the new tank being fish free and then turn it off until the next need for QT?

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Re: UV question for QT/Frag tank/refugium

Postby chromus » Wed 07 Oct, 2015 6:26 pm

Not unless you go hardcore commercial :(
Did you search RTAW Reefpedia B4 asking your question?

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Re: UV question for QT/Frag tank/refugium

Postby Rod the Reefer » Wed 07 Oct, 2015 6:31 pm

Have a look through this thread Matt;

There's some interesting reading in there.

I think though to partially answer your question the free swimming disease/parasites need to pass multiple times? Probably defeats the purpose?

Rod. :thumbsup:
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