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Possible wild temperate gobidae (goby)

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Possible wild temperate gobidae (goby)

Postby extermin8tor » Wed 16 Sep, 2015 12:38 am

Looking to get some help identifying a couple of little specimens that I have found and now introduced on a trial basis into my 22 degree celcius marine tank.

These little critters look like they belong in the gobidae family and from initial research they sound like 'Bathygobius kreftii'. Found in South Australian waters, they have a rather plain colouring, like the rock that they hide in.

I have a pair of them that seem to get along well and hang out together. Only seen eating a few times when they sifted some sand in my tank.
I feed twice daily with mysis shrimp and spectrum pellets however they generally get eaten by my occelaris and damsels. Had some funny reactions from my peppermint shrimp (who is quite large now), and he seems to take interest in these 'gobies'. He seems to touch them with his feelers quite a bit.

My question is, what are they, how do I best care for them, and is it possible to keep them happy in a 22 degree tank.
The waters they came from are 15 degrees at best at the moment.

Photo here:
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