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Aiptasia Removal from rock.

PostPosted: Fri 07 Sep, 2018 9:48 pm
by kipper31
How is best way to kill aiptasia from live rock that I’m wanting to reuse in about a months time.
Basicly shutting down one tank,want to kill a heap of pest and then reuse rock in a months time in a new setup but want aiptasia 100% killed with no chance of It comeing back.
Not concerned about leaving rock filled with phosphate,just want aiptasia gone.
New tank will be cycled as per new setup,with existing liverock from a smaller aiptasia free tank.

Re: Aiptasia Removal from rock.

PostPosted: Sat 08 Sep, 2018 12:26 am
by uglyman
If you want to keep the live rock full of bacteria just get a small hobby butane torch and burn all the aiptasia you can find but for me I would acid dip then bleach the entire rock just to be 100% sure.

I got so sick of aiptasia in my system I nuked all my live rock with acid and bleach but they have returned thanks to some still being in my sump baffle and even to my amazement in the plumbing (No they don't need light to survive) grrrr.

Good luck :crossfingers:

Re: Aiptasia Removal from rock.

PostPosted: Wed 12 Sep, 2018 2:06 pm
by Slartibartfast
I have been very lucky, I got a single peppermint shrimp and it destroyed the aiptasia in two days flat never to return.

But yes, acid and bleach will kill most nasties. If you then have spare time I would put them in the black drum with saltwater and a pump and do a 100% water change once a week. Will get rid of some phosphate until you ready to use it again.

Re: Aiptasia Removal from rock.

PostPosted: Sat 15 Sep, 2018 5:32 pm
by TbyZ
I injected kalkwasser paste into the aiptasia & that seems to have done the trick

Re: Aiptasia Removal from rock.

PostPosted: Mon 17 Sep, 2018 4:32 pm
by Aydee
I dropped the rock in vinegar for about 5 minutes (Excessive I know). Then rinsed thoroughly. I mean really thoroughly. This kills a lot of the bacteria, but I then got a big plastic tub. Put NSW in it. Heater and pump. Drop rock into this with another rock that wasn't infested with aiptasia.

There will be enough die-off from this that you'll repopulate the rock in fairly short order. Basically do a little cycle with the rock again.

Will guarantee aiptasia is gone.


Re: Aiptasia Removal from rock.

PostPosted: Sun 07 Oct, 2018 5:54 pm
by mcs
Might be a bit late, but for future or for anyone else, a fellow reefer and i found that just wacking a bit of super glue over the top of them worked really well, i actually totally removed them from my tank in this way.


Re: Aiptasia Removal from rock.

PostPosted: Thu 20 Jun, 2019 5:16 pm
by retro
I used the rock removal method and hit the Aiptasia ith a blo torch ,GONE
and I love the way they pop & sizzle

Re: Aiptasia Removal from rock.

PostPosted: Wed 26 Jun, 2019 10:59 am
by wrenfeathers
Yeah, I did something similar to mcs. I used aqua kneed it. Coralline algae, corals, etc just end up growing over it anyway.