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Bashsea Pellet Master PM1 install

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Bashsea Pellet Master PM1 install

Postby Brett240 » Fri 27 Jan, 2017 5:02 pm

hi everyone,

just picked up one of these to replace an IM minimax. this reactor is specifically designed for bio-pellets. important is that there is no real restriction on the exit ( which was the minimax issue ) to allow the sludgy effluent to exit the reactor, and the tumple it generates.


one thing i noted prior to installation is the top is a very snug push fit before twisting and locking it down with the thumb screws, it requires some decent force to pull the lid off. note because of this ive hard plumbed the intake, but left the plumbing as a push fit so when i need to add in more pellets i can just pull the plumbing off.


ive hooked up an old sicce syncra pump that powered an old pellet reactor which is doing the job. note ive just left the reactor exit as is. it pushed flow towards the skimmer. ive never felt it needed to be directed exactly into the skimmer intake, though the flow does end over near it.


flow is adjusted right down, ill probably turn it up a fraction. this is the best reactor to date i feel for its pellet tumbling action. the single ring of holes on the bottom gives a really nice turn of the pellets. the pellets just have to be moving around. not zipping like crazy. ill report back further once its been running for 3 months.

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