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Orphek FAQ

This forum is run by Orphek Australia (a MASA Business Partner). Please feel free to use this forum to discuss any topics about products, sales or any general questions you would like us to answer.

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Orphek FAQ

Postby Orphek australia » Thu 22 May, 2014 10:28 pm

Why should I go with orphek?
Because you will have 100% success with coral growth and coral color. 100% success with the product back with a full 12 month warranty . The product has been tested and proven providing the aquarist outstanding results.


How can you claim 100% Success?
Orphek newer technology lights are based on previous lights and research. Just like purchasing phones or stereo equipment it always had a base which is constantly improved. Orphek Atlantik V2.1 has had over 5 years of experience from the first version of the PR156. Below you can still see today the first version being used over 6 foot deep tank.We have had success with this tank and many more like it, So your success is 100% guaranteed!

http://orphek.com/orphek-led-lighting-c ... foot-deep/

What LED does Orphek use?
This information is Irrelevant to your corals, corals do not care what LED is used. Corals care about the right spectrum, the right intensity at the right time. Orphek has conducted countless hours of LED research in German, American and Australian universities with further intensive Unit testing conducted at numerous public aquariums around the world. Two of these entities located right her in Australia. This has enabled Orphek to provide its customers a long lasting reliable LED providing the exact PAR/PUR needed to maintain healthy corals.

What if I have a LED Problem,
You will not have a problem with Orphek LED. LED's only have a problem when they get too hot. Because of the intensive research Orphek conducted, Orphek does not need to drive the LED's at full power to achieve the required PAR and PUR ratings to keep healthy corals. Furthermore our units are kept cool with heat sink and four fans fitted with temperature sensors which are controlled by the PC board. The purchase of any Orphek product comes with a full twelve month warranty on all parts and in the case of emergencies Orphek can have parts shipped door to door with 3 working days.

So again you are going to have 100% success with your purchase and 100% success with your Corals

So now you probably have been on our website and seen some great aquariums many of them very famous with very experienced clients. Our clients don't risk there expensive corals with some light that has not been proven. Our clients have done their homework the same as you will do to found out that there is only one brand of light that has;

100% Product Guarantee
100% Provide the correct PAR/PUR for coral growth and colour year after year.
100% Direct support to customers.

So if you want the best light on the market then your are in the right place.
Orphek australia
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