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Orphek NR12

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Orphek NR12

Postby Orphek australia » Thu 03 Apr, 2014 3:13 pm

Orphek has made refugiums and small or shallow tanks easy to light with our new NR12 LED Lamp. The lamp screws into a common E27/28 lamp socket and provides high PAR in a 30cm x 30cm area when hung 30cm above the water surface.

The NR12 uses 12, one watt Orphek high technology LEDs in the configuration shown below.

Maximum coverage
15 x 15” (380 x 380mm)

Removable for wider light spread in shallow frag tanks.
The new Orphek NR12 LED Lamp is replacing both the PR7 and PR25 LED Lamps. The NR12, like the PR7 and PR25, screw into a standard E-26 and E-27 Mogul base lamp socket. This allows an infinite number of ways to mount the lamp for your application. The design goals of the NR12 were:
Deliver a better spectrum that closely matches the spectrum of our Atlantik LED Pendant (See spectrograph below).
Enclosed LED Driver.
Cool operation requiring no fans.
Equip with state of the art Orphek, one watt LEDs.
Provide the required intensity for corals in nano aquariums and/or refugiums.
Low energy consumption.
Removable lens for wider light spread.
Make it affordable.

NR12 Web page
https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct= ... 4634,d.bGE
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