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Orphek DIF100 XP

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Orphek DIF100 XP

Postby Orphek australia » Thu 03 Apr, 2014 2:40 pm

Reef Aquarium LED Lights or Freshwater Planted Aquarium Led Pendant
Day Light ( 4000K, 6500K, 7000K , 8000K , 10000k , 12000k , 14000k ,15000K, 16000K , 18000K ,20000K , 25000K )
Moon Light (Blue ,Blue and UV, Super actinic)
DIF100 +DIM Mean well HLG-120H-36B
Orphek DIF V5 & DIF100 V5 XP

The major changes are a new swivel ball locking type mount which allows the DIF 100 to be aimed in any direction required and can be wall mounted or mounted to a hanging track. The entire housing is made of lightweight aluminum which is impervious to the salt water environment. The hanging hardware is constructed of stainless steel.
The DIF 100 V5 is smaller than the original DIF 100 and weighs less. Version 5 reduces heat by 15C and is now equipped with a quick release connector that allows a quick change of the Orphek multi-chip LED should it become necessary. The new version 5 also has increased protection from water by using high grade silicone seals. The renowned state of the art Meanwell LED driver is now remotely located and is connected by a quick disconnect waterproof connector. The lens is of high grade optical quality and larger in size, to provide a greater dispersion of light.

With the ever increasing number of coral farmers, fraggers, and aquarists with deep aquariums, Orphek has produced the DIF series of LED pendants to satisfy all of these applications without the need for producing multiple models for each application. Orphek has accomplished this goal by designing four optical quality lenses to fulfill any application, whether they are shallow coral tanks and displays, or aquariums up to six feet in depth.

The available lenses are 45, 60, 90, and 120 degrees and all are made from optical quality glass.

The 45 and 60 degree lenses are suited for deeper aquariums while the 120 degree is better suited for shallow coral displays or fragging systems.
The DIF housing is constructed of high grade aluminum and employs an extruded aluminum heat sink which wraps around the entire housing and efficiently cools the unit without the need for noisy fans.
The use of Mean Well high efficiency LED drivers in the DIF series LED pendants ensure constant voltage and current to within 0.5% and provide over current protection to the LEDs.

Orphek uses extruded aluminum for the DIF series heat sinks. Extruded aluminum is more expensive than die cast but ensures even heat dissipation because unlike die cast, no porosity exists in extruded aluminum which can impede heat transfer.

Revolutionary, Powerful, Efficient, Versatile, Durable

The Orphek R&D team developed a revolutionary emitter with a new Two-in-One technology for use in the DIF series of LED pendants. This technology mimics the ripple of metal halide lighting and also mimics 16,000K ,18,000K 20,000K, 25000K lamps without the use of low lumen blue LEDs which other manufacturers use to obtain this effect
Orphek offers you a selection of color temperatures which include 16,000K, 18,000K, 20,000K, and 25,000K White LED. With these Kelvin temperatures, no additional blue LED lighting is required.

The DIF-100 XP offers safe high range (380nm) UV, and red LEDs to provide better fluorescing and improved color for your corals.
The spectrum of the XP model is very similar to that of the Radium 400 watt, 20,000K metal halide lamp.

Mimics 7,000K – 20,000K metal halide spectrums but contains no coral damaging UV (under 380nm), or infra-red rays which can cause corals to bleach.
Efficient heat transfer without the need of noisy fans.
Four interchangeable lenses to suit any application.
Choice of color temperature from 14,000K to 25,000K.
Plug and play, DIF pendants are self contained requiring no external ballast or cooling fan.
Completely rust proof.
Easily suspended with included quick lock hanging hardware.
Very versatile, three power options for any application.
Cool operating temperature, little to no heat transfer to aquarium.

DIF 100 +DIM+ RJ45 – Orphek DIF 100 is Apex Ready
Apex ready Cables

Power cable: 110″ (2.8 m)
Extension cables available at an additional cost.

Package size
260*260*300 mm

Suspension Kit
Quick lock hanging device and eye bolt included.

Input voltage: AC – 100-240 volts
Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Power consumption:
DIF 100 - 100 watts
Electrical outlet: Region appropriate.

Power Supplies
Model Dimming Power Supplies
DIF100 , DIF100 NO Mean well CLG-150-36A
DIF100 , DIF100 +DIM YES Mean well HLG-120H-36B
* All power supplies been set according to Orphek request

Interchangeable; 45, 60, 90, and 120 degree lenses available.

LED Make up
Will depend on model and Kelvin temperature selected.

DIF100 Web page:
https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct= ... 4634,d.bGE
Orphek australia
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Re: Orphek DIF100 XP

Postby acronut » Mon 05 Jan, 2015 7:42 pm

How do i go about ordering 2 of these lights
So sorry officer.... i wasnt aware tangs needed so much space :/

5.5x2.5x2 scorpion reef
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Re: Orphek DIF100 XP

Postby Orphek australia » Fri 09 Jan, 2015 12:39 am

acronut wrote:How do i go about ordering 2 of these lights

Just give me a ring 0477 325 027 or drop me an email at au@orphek.com
Orphek australia
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