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ROYAL EXCLUSIV dosing vessels

PostPosted: Tue 24 Jun, 2014 7:52 pm
Royal Exclusiv doising vessels will be in stock soon .
Dreambox - dosing feeder 3.6 liter SpaceSaver

Technical data:
Dimensions: Ø 120mm(tube) 140mm feet x ~ 367mm height
Volume: ~ 3.6 liters

Vessels made of PVC and high quality acryl-glass / Plexiglas®

including sloped red tube
Ø 10mm inner diameter and hole in the lid
Universal usable dispenser for a variety of media
Guaranteed complete emptying
Separable, convex base-plate
high quality rigid PVC and Plexiglas® (plexiglass, acrylic glass)
100% Made in Germany / assembly by hand
25 Years of experience in PVC filter and skimmer construction ... :1332.html

Suitable for trace elements (micronutrients, mirco elements), Balling system, lime water, etc.

all inquiries to
ph 0412700007