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[News] New Maxspect and Innovative Marine Products!

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[News] New Maxspect and Innovative Marine Products!

Postby Hung@Maj.Aquariums » Fri 01 Aug, 2014 3:22 pm

Hey all, just want to introduce some new products we now sell!

The first are from Innovative Marine, a brand we all know thanks to the amazing NuvoAquarium setups that have been introduced!

Well, we are glad to announce the introduction of two new sizes of NuvoAquariums, the NuvoAquarium Fusion Micro 30L and the NuvoAquarium Fusion Mini 38!

These are alternate versions of the well-known NuvoAquariums Nano 24 and Micro 30!

The Fusion series are attempts at combining the best of the Shallow Reef series, and the traditional NuvoAquarium series! And they definitely DO NOT disappoint, one bit!


The NuvoAquarium Fusion Micro 30L is an amazing tank, with a mesh lid for better gaseous exchange and light penetration! The footprint has also been enlarged, to accommodate even MORE livestock. The aquarium currently retails for $765.60, with additional features such as cabinets and lighting options available! At 3ft, it's the perfect size tank for anyone, be it a beginner or a pro! The tank size offers the stability of 'larger' size tanks, whilst still able to suit any space perfectly!

For more information, click here!


The NuvoAquarium Fusion Mini 40 sees similar modifications. It is perfect for those who likes a more cube-styled setup, who has less width to be able to fill, but still want a decent volume of water to play with. As with the Fusion 30L, the Mini 40 currently retails for $765.60, with additional features such as cabinets and lighting options available!

For more information, click here!



The other product we want to introduce is the Maxspect Celestial Cannon LED!

Though already introduced by Aquariums Australia, the proud suppliers of all the above products, we still want to give it a special recommendation.

It is an amazingly well designed piece of equipment, capable of outperforming a large majority of lights in its size range. There are three models available, for three different purposes. Currently retails $307.92! Check out the product here!

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Re: [News] New Maxspect and Innovative Marine Products!

Postby christaarron » Sat 22 Jul, 2017 4:44 pm

Congratulations for the new business and all the very best for your new initiative. Hope you do well in this business.
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