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PICO competition 2014 rules

For details, discussions and Tank Journals for this years Pico tank competition

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PICO competition 2014 rules

Postby MeLLeR » Mon 11 Nov, 2013 3:39 pm

MASA PCS wrote:PLEASE NOTE ELITE CORALS did not come through with prizes

We wish to advise that the PCS and MASA Comm are making arrangements for replacement prizes.

We are deeply disappointed by this and will seek to find replacement prizes ASAP, alternative sponsors who would like to help are welcome to contact any member of the PCS listed here: memberlist.php?mode=group&g=5801

Proposed Competition:

The PC+S committee, with Prize sponsorship from INSERT SPONSOR corals will conduct a Pico tank competition. The competition will be conducted and bound within the rules of RTAW with the MASA mission statement in mind. The medium/long term Pico Tank Competition is to be held between 1st January to 1 July 2014.

Draft Rules:
-Pico tanks to be setup and wet no later than January 1 2014.
-No new livestock is to be added to the tank as of 1 Mar 2014.
-The competition will close on the 1 July 2014.

Aim of the competition
Inline with the MASA mission, this competition will be conducted to:

To act as an information resource for all Australian marine aquarists, whether part of a MAS or not.
To bring the marine aquarium hobby together within Australia, to allow growth and sharing of knowledge and expertise.
To educate, inform and support best practises for sustainability
To encourage advances in marine aquarium husbandry and demonstrate that success.
To reduce mortality rates during selection, handling and long-term holding of animals.
To provide a common online resource to enhance the feeling of spirit and community amongst reef keepers.

General Rules
-Pico tank must be no greater than 20L gross total water volume. Exemptions may be made to include the 25L Fluval edge aquariums or similar off the shelf AIO pico tanks in order to encourage maximum member participation. Maximum water volume in any instance will not be greater than 25L. Exemptions to the Water volume must be applied for in writing to the PC+S and each will be considered on a case by case basis.
-Competition is open to all RTAW registered users, however prizes will only be awarded to MASx society members.
-All RTAW volunteers (moderators, admins, MASx committee reps, MASA committee reps, PC+S, welcoming team and web-team) are encouraged to enter.
**In the event of a PC+S voting member being eligible for a prize at competition completion, they will be ineligible to vote. (note judging section)
-In order to be considered eligible for prizes, contestants will be required to keep a Pico tank TJ in the Pico tank Competition Forum. This will be created as a sub-forum within the community and competition forums specifically for this 2014 competition.
- A minimum of calendar monthly updates documenting design, equipment use, budget, livestock and husbandry techniques are required. There must be an FTS included at least once a calendar month.
- There is no limit on how soon the tank can be started and cycled, however it must be wet (and remain so for the duration of the competition with the exception of water changes) by 1 January 2014.
-Livestock choice and sourcing is completely up to the individual, however all livestock chosen for the competition should be suitable for housing in such a small space.
Perceived cruelty to animals as adjudicated by the PC+S will potentially result in the contestants disqualification from the competition. RTAW accepts no blame or liability for any legal actions that may result from animal cruelty accusations/charges.
-No further livestock to be added as of 1 March, with the remainder of the competition to be conducted with the livestock already in the tank. Tanks that suffer total crashes or require restocking after the initial stocking time-frame will not be considered eligible for prize consideration. Additions to supplement the CUC are however allowed.
-Within 1 week prior to the 1 July completion of the competition, remaining contestants still eligible for prize considerations must provide a final TJ update with a FTS
- A documented $500 max. budget for equipment must be adhered to for the full competition duration. Any equipment purchased or used on the pico tank must have an accurate value assigned to the item and be mentioned within the tanks documentation/journal. Items that are exempt from the budget limit are any livestock and consumable everyday items required for maintaining aquatic life forms in good health. Foods, Salt or test kits and other essential consumable sundries of this vein are considered exempt from the budget and do not require budget documentation.
-Water changes can be as frequent and as large as you want, however systems with constant and/or automated water change systems will not be considered eligible for prizes.
-Any circumstance where ambiguity exists over eligibility of a tank, eligibility will be decided by the PC+S using the competition guidelines as a reference as to the intent of the competition.
-Tanks failing to meet all the above rules will not be considered eligible for prize consideration.

-The competition will close on the 1 July 2014. At which time the PC+S will create a voting thread with all remaining eligible contestants automatically nominated for consideration.
-The vote period will be for 7 days, and will conducted by open ballot in a voting thread to avoid any perceived transparency issues.
-All current PC+S members at the time are eligible to vote, as well as a further vote from the naming rights sponsor/representative. In the event of a tie, a final deciding vote may be cast by the current PC+S group leader.
-Any PC+S members eligible for prize consideration will not be allowed to participate in the voting.
-Any decisions made by the PC+S are final and debates will not be entertained.
-As per TOTM the overall winner will be selected by the PC+S based on excellence in all criteria. These include documentation, planning, implementation, execution, ingenuity, aesthetics, general tank health and/or growth, demonstrated husbandry and dedication along with fulfilling the criteria laid out in the general rules for the competition.
- Further prizes will be awarded in categories representing Best design, Most improved and a Sponsors choice award.
- Prizes will be awarded in this order: Overall, Best design, Most improved and finally Sponsors choice.
- A tank awarded a prize in one category is ineligible to win further categories.
-The tank adjudged the winner of the competition will be announced on RTAW, and a feature tank review posted instead of the August TOTF. The winning reefer will also receive a prize (to be determined) from the Naming rights sponsor.

Good Luck and Happy Reefing

Please note, these rules are still in Draft stage and the PC+S reserves the right to amend and modify as necessary. The final official rules will be confirmed prior to competition commencement, and will be available within the Pico tank competition forums once they have been created.
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