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Elite Corals

Elite Corals

Postby MeLLeR » Wed 05 Mar, 2014 3:52 pm

Business Logo:


Type of store: OLFS

Business Name: Elite Corals

Address: Annerley, Brisbane. QLD

Hours of operation: OLFS

Contact Phone number/Website: 0430090629

Email: Contact Us

ABN: 42 165 348 505

Payment methods accepted Secure transaction options, Paypal, CoD

RTAW contact: Elite Corals

RTAW member discounts:

Description: We specialise in premium and hard-to-find, export quality marine livestock hand selected from Australia's most reputable wholesalers.

We could give you that typical spiel about being dedicated to bringing you the best quality livestock around, yadda yadda, but ultimately, we'd prefer the livestock do the talking for us.

Additional details: Our philosophy is simple: if it's genuinely unique and special, it deserves a fighting chance to end up in the average reefer's tank. That's where we come in – we specifically seek out the best of the best from the most reputable and respected wholesale outfits in the land to bring that stock to your tank.

To give you an idea of how serious we are about the quality of our stock, it came down to the very last second to decide not to call ourselves "Coral Porn"… not exactly a name one could easily self-apply falsely.

We're called Elite for a reason. We think we'll let you work that out for yourself though!
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