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Aquascape Design

Aquascape Design

Postby MeLLeR » Tue 21 Jan, 2014 9:58 pm


Type of store: OLFS, Wholesaler, Online Retailer, Importer, Distributer

Business Name: Aquascape Design

Hours of operation: 9am - 5pm

Contact Phone number/Website:

Ph:(03) 9307 9843, 0402 061 151
Web: http://www.aquascapedesign.com.au

Email: sales@aquascapedesign.com.au

ABN: 86 126 219 190

Payment methods accepted Credit Card, Paypal, Bank Deposit.

RTAW contact: Aquascapedesign

RTAW member discounts: 5% Discount Storewide. Register your account on http://www.aquascapedesign.com.au and then contact us via PM through RTAW requesting to be added to the discount group. Once added you can login and all prices storewide will be discounted by 5%

Description: Aquascape Design is primarily a distribution company exclusively managing brands such as CADE, Aquatic Style, Reef Designs, and CO2PRO. Our products are available through our retailer network and directly through our website http://www.aquascapedesign.com.au

Additional details: Aquaria Inspired By Nature is one of the core elements at the center of our business model. My name is Adam Dalton and I am the Director of ASD. I am an enthusiast of nature, in particular aquatic ecosystems. All of us here have a common passion to recreate a tiny piece of the world’s most beautiful, diverse and complex ecosystems in our homes. I've been a mini reef enthusiast since the age of 15, I am now 39. In 24 years of reef keeping I was disheartened to see very little progression in Australia, especially in relation to Aquarium tanks & furniture. Home décor had changed significantly over 2 decades however Aquarium furniture had not. When we began trade in 2009 I had a desire to initiate such a change. Upon the introduction of CADE Tank Sets, approximately 3 years ago, we are proud to say that we have gone on to become the leading seller of designer aquariums in Australia, all thanks to enthusiasts like yourselves driving the industry forward. We appreciate your support and aim to continue product and brand development initiatives that align us with the desires of the people who count most, 'the enthusiast.'
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