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Businesses, do you want to be listed here? Easy registration

Businesses, do you want to be listed here? Easy registration

Postby MeLLeR » Sat 18 Jan, 2014 11:56 am

ATTN: businesses.

Want a great platform for advertising your business?

What we offer are ways to Promote and improve your exposure as required in this competitive market, whilst keeping it simple to take advantage of this opportunity.

Some benefits of registering as a business with RTAW include:

-A simple registration process,
-Easy to manage, update your details and keep current.
-Great exposure to RTAW's 15,000plus registered members with an in-forum system.
-Ability for guests of RTAW to view your details, generating further exposure. With over 110,000 site visits in a six month period.
-Ability to have multiple listing in the business Directory within appropriate categories.
-Easy navigation of the business Directory with different categories such as OLFS or via State locations, clearly targeting the type of business the user is looking for and where you are.
-Optional Banner advertising packages are available, allowing you to have your companies logo proudly displayed and hyperlinked directly on the pages people are reading.
-Optional ability to have your own forum so you can share your businesses latest news and specials with your customers.
-Sponsorship arrangements are available to further promote your business and its wares.

What this means for you:

All businesses who wish enquire about having their businesses registered must apply to the MASA business registrar Chromus The business registrar will be able to assist you with any additional options you may wish to discuss.

**Please note, your up to date details must be included to ensure the directory details are up to date and as complete as possible.

Please use this code template to get started registering your business. Simply copy the code, click Chromus, paste the code and fill in the details.

Code: Select all
[color=#FF4000]Business Logo:[/color] Link to your business logo for inclusion in the listing. must be JPG format and no larger than [color=#FF0000]468x60 (same as banner advertising logo)[/color] pixels.

[color=#FF4000]Type of store:[/color] OLFS, LFS, Wholesaler, Importer, Distributer

[color=#FF4000]Business Name:[/color]

[color=#FF4000]Address:[/color] (if physical store)

[color=#FF4000]Hours of operation:[/color]

[color=#FF4000]Contact Phone number/Website:[/color]

[color=#FF4000]Email:[/color] Contact email address


[color=#FF4000]Payment methods accepted[/color] What payment methods or finance options you offer.

[color=#FF4000]RTAW contact:[/color]  registered usernames that represent or are employed by this business.

[color=#FF4000]RTAW member discounts:[/color] discounts your business offers to RTAW/MASx society members

[color=#FF4000]Description:[/color] A description of your business, products and services offered.

[color=#FF4000]Additional details:[/color] anything further you wish to include

Your completed application should look like this:

Calcium Corals wrote:Business Logo: http://www.photobucket/album/blahblah/img359we.

Type of store: LFS and OLFS

Business Name: Calcium Corals

Address: 90 Marine Drive, Eastlook. NSW. 2689

Hours of operation:
Mod-Thurs: 0900-1700
Friday: 1030-2100
Sat-Sun: 1030-1600
Closed public holidays

Contact Phone number/Website:
ph: (02) 9913 5552
Web: http://www.calciumcorals.com.au

Email: sales@calciumcorals.com.au

ABN: 48 965 462 240

Payment methods accepted Cash, eftpos, Paypal, Western bank money transfers, GE credit finance available on purchases over $3000.00

RTAW contact: Calcium Corals, Peterxyz (employee)

RTAW member discounts: 10% discount of advertised prices store-wide available to all MASx society members. ##Does not include items already on Special.


Calcium corals are proud to offer a complete solution for livestock, equipment and husbandry tools for keeping your marine aquarium. Customers are welcome to view livestok and equipment in our storefront, we are also able to offer a complete Online shopping solution with fast shipping times.

Additional details:

We are proud to be able to offer recognizable brands including: GHL, Zeovit, Vertex, Bubble-king, Royal Exclusive, New era, Ocean nutrition, Ecotech, Red-sea, skimz and Aqua-one.

Once the message has been sent to the business registrar, they register your business, add yur details to the business directory and work with you to initiate any further options you may have requested..


The final step will be to edit your current signatures in your user profiles. You do this through the user control panel-profile-edit signatures.

You may now add a direct link to your website and once your registration is complete, you can include a further link to the RTAW business directory. All other signature rules will remain unchanged.

We greatly appreciate your timely co-operation with this matter and look forward to being able to provide your business with a complete and improved directory listing and advertising platform.


The MASA Committee.
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