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The Fuzz's 50cm Cube (pics added 07/02/2010)

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The Fuzz's 50cm Cube (pics added 07/02/2010)

Postby thefuzz » Fri 05 Feb, 2010 4:13 pm

Hi All,

Thought I should start a TJ. I currently have cichlids and was always thinking of marine but never really made a move.

A couple of months ago, a friend needed to get rid of some Live Rock and a damsel and he asked if we wanted it. So without any thought or planning took it off him and threw them into a 2ft standard tank, went out and bought some corals - they died and then I realised this is not as simple as I thought.

Then I found the MASA forums and started to read everything I could. Now I'm hooked. So we just got a 50cm cube and cabinet and I thought I should do a journal so that we can monitor our progress and I can obviously get some advice.

Need to give a big thanks to DannyH, he has helped out with the sump design and after reading his TJ's, I have now got some good ideas.

System Objectives: A nice display tank with good colour and a few happy fish

System Type: Mixed Reef

Display System:

Strike up Date: unknown

Display Tank: 50cm x 50cm x 50cm - about 120ltrs

Display Lighting: looking at either a 6xHO T5 or a 150w MH with 4t5's

Stand: Solid timber cabinet to suit tank.

Hood: none, it will be an open tank

Sump: 46cm cube with 3 sections - skimmer, fuge and return.

Refugium: part of sump

Refugium Lighting: There will be a light, just need to read a bit more. I think alot of people use the 11w phillips bulb?

Support systems:

System Water: Natural salt water

Display Water circulation: 2 x 3000lh Hydora copies

Return Pump:not sure yet, about 3000l/h

Skimmer: Marine Sources MS-120-6530

Evaporation Top Up:Auto topup

Chemical Support:

Calcium Addition: N/A

Alkilinity Addition: N/A

Other Chemical Maintenance: N/A

Current Water Chemistry: If applicable
Salinity / Specific Gravity:


I will upload some sketchup designs tonight as the work firewall doesn't like photobucket.

I want to try to get peoples opinions/thoughts on an "invisible" sump return. Obviously with only a limited space, the less piping etc in the tank the better.

Edit: Pics

Standard pics of the tank from front on


Pic to show the "weir" i'm looking to build - I got the idea from someone else's tank journal - thanks :thumbsup:

The hole on the right is from the outlet to the sump, the hole on the left is for the return - I'm then thinking of a hole in the left wall of the weir, so the return comes in and turns to the left and goes out there - trying to get the least amount of pipes in the tank


This is a diagram of DannyH's sump :thumbsup: which he used on his 50cm cube - thank mate


And this is the sump with some mods done in sketchup


it goes skimmer, fuge, return
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Postby thefuzz » Fri 05 Feb, 2010 8:53 pm

first bit of advice i'm after :wavey:

In regards to lighting, I was either looking at

http://www.guppysaquariumproducts.com.a ... d_259.html


http://www.guppysaquariumproducts.com.a ... d_633.html

They will be suspended above the tank.
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Postby PeneJane » Fri 05 Feb, 2010 8:59 pm

I was looking at purchasing that T5 unit but they were out of stock at time of purchase. I ended up with the 8x 24w unit that looks the same as that one.

Very happy with it. It has a good colour (well I like it).

Unfortunatly my cameras white balance isn't that great so any pics I take of it appear very blue but I am able to correct that with adjusting the colour levels to give a more neutral, real to life look.

Feel free to look at my tank journal which is also a cube.
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Postby thefuzz » Sun 07 Feb, 2010 10:38 pm


So I thought I better up an actual pic of the cube. I went out today and grabbed some of the "connect it" product so I can put together something for the lighting.

For a cube of this size do I require MH - I think I'm going to stick with softies but I do not want to be restricted based on lighting - Would a 6 or 8 bulb HO t5 be enough or should I get a 250w MH with 2 T5's?


We got the tank and the cabinet was still "raw", so we stained that up and i think it came up very nice - please excuse the photos - not one of my skills........

The photo also doesn't really show the cabinet dimensions - it is actually quite tall, I have about 1m in height to play with inside the cabinet.

This pic is of the current standard 2ft'r which currently houses my live rock and a damsel - anyone know what type of damsel it is? It is pretty dark blue with a purple line going verticle and a white part on its back?


I'm was going to get another 3000l/h powerhead from guppies, would this flow be sufficient for the 50cm cube?

thanks guys
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