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MASOV Frag tank

The purpose of this forum is to allow people to showcase their tanks, and allow other uses to ask questions on equipment, livestock, methodology etc.
Specifically for Diverse Tanks (Cubes, Squares, Triangular) (Fish Only with Live Rock, Predator Tanks, Temperate Tanks) (non-photosynthetic tanks, Marine Plant/Algae Tanks, Greenhouse Tanks)

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Postby Adrianvh » Tue 18 Aug, 2009 12:10 am

6 weeks in and a bit of an update
Ph 8.4
NO2 0.0
PO4 0.06
dKH 11.8
CA 450
SG 1.03

Its comfortably full at the moment. We'll let the weekend additions settle in and add some more in a few weeks.
Photo's of live stock up soon
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Postby glennb » Tue 18 Aug, 2009 12:36 am

That's great to hear that it came together so quickly without any fuss and the help of generous sponsors.
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