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Reeftank nom2 with sump (2ft cube) Just starting

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Reeftank nom2 with sump (2ft cube) Just starting

Postby catray » Wed 06 May, 2009 6:20 pm


Well it all started in that i was looking at upgrading my lighting for my 2 clams. My main problem was that the tank didn't fit any standard measurements. So i ended up getting a tank to go with my new lights.
This tank will be my first ever tank with a sump so setting this up will be quite new to me.

System Objectives:

I am hoping to keep LPS and SPS corals in this tank. Strictly a hard coral tank. This tank will also be home to my two small clams. I am hoping with better lighting their colors will improve. As far as fish i think i would like to have a few different coral gobies.

System Type:
SPS and LPS representing a well lit part of the reef.

Display System:

Strike up Date: Still at planing stages.

Display Tank: open top 60cm x 60cm x 60cm.

Display Lighting: 150w Metal Halide, T5/24W Blue x4 + Blue Moon LED x4

Stand: Custom built by my dad

Sump: 60cm x 45m x 45cm

Refugium: Refugium Specifications if applicable.

Refugium Lighting: Lighting specifications.

Support systems:

System Water: Natural salt water

Display Water circulation: 2 x Hydor Koralia's K2 Copy 3000Lph

Return Pump:probably a Sedra KSP-3600 3600 LPH pump

Skimmer: Currently will be a HAQOS PS-300 skimmer. (may have a future upgrade).

Evaporation Top Up: manual for now

Chemical Support:

Calcium Addition: If not calcium reactor

Alkilinity Addition: If not calcium reactor

Other Chemical Maintenance: Magnesium etc

Current Water Chemistry: If applicable
Salinity / Specific Gravity:

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Postby KirTracid » Thu 07 May, 2009 12:47 pm

Nice setup, looks like you're putting alot of thought into it =) I'd definitely go with sump number two as you can control the flow through the fuge with a ball valve as opposed to having it free flowing as you don't want much flow through the fuge =)

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Postby catray » Thu 05 Nov, 2009 7:00 pm

Ok, well my Dream display tank is finally here! :clap:


i am thinking of using my 60cm x 45cm x 45cm as the sump. Figured i could have a deep sand bed and refugum.

Tank proposed to be used as the sump:

Skimmer looks so small in there tho! :o

My dad is kindly making the stand as to when it will be done i'm hoping before Christmas. :konk:

Items i am still needing at this stage are:

Return pump,
heaters (think ill get 2 x 200w ones)

Return: What is the best way to return water back to the display tank? Over the top of the tank or should i have another hole drilled at the back somewhere?

Oh and another thing, i am thinking of painting the back of the tank black. What is a good type of paint to use on glass?
Thanks :thumbsup:
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Postby catray » Sat 07 Nov, 2009 10:39 am

Ok was thinking of how this was going to be set up so i decided to draw a sketch.


There probably will be some extra piping further down the track with one being a siphon going from the weir to the sump. I'm also thinking as to whether I should leave room in the sump for a calcium reactor. ( which i may add further down the track.)

Was looking at Scooby's tank journal and i relay like his idea of using black vinyl to cover the back of the tank. Seeing that the tank will be situated somewhat in a corner i am thinking of covering the two back sides.
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Postby gaz » Sat 07 Nov, 2009 11:07 am

The vinyl is certainly pretty easy to apply. You can get it from most signwriters, give them a call and let them know the size you are after. 2 Sides for my cube cost $10 from memory, but price will vary. Lay the tank with the side you want the vinyl on facing upwards. Fill a spray bottle with a bit of dishwashing liquid and water, spray the side of the tank. Carefully remove the back of the vinyl, its a pain if you get carried away and leave a small amount of backing paper on the vinyl so take your time here. Position vinyl on tank, I used a window cleaning squeegee to then get all the soapy water out from under the vinyl starting in the middle and a stanley knife to cut the vinyl to a perfect fit. Looking from inside you will see when you have got it right so keep working with the squeegee till all the bubbles are gone. Leave it for a while before you flip the tank and attempt to do the next side otherwise you will bump the vinyl and it will shift a bit (personal experience).

Nice looking tank BTW. The biggest problem with cube tanks seems to be how hard sumps are to get for them.

If it were me Id forego DSB and just have a refugium full of Macro.

Also on heaters if you are duplicating for redundancy go for smaller, 2 x 100W so if one stick on, it takes longer to overheat your tank. Ive got a 200W jager heater in my cube and it very rarely turns on.

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