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G1v1n's Skimmerless Liverockless Reef [Winner TOTM Jan08]

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Re: G1v1n's Skimmerless Liverockless Reef [Winner TOTM Jan08

Postby G1v1n » Mon 25 May, 2015 8:34 pm

Ive just run some tests, not too bad considering.
Alk 9dkh
Cal 480ppm
Mg 1000ppm (a bit lax with the manual dosing)
No3 1ppm
Po4 0.1ppm

Im going to trial Red Seas Reef Energy and coral colour additives. Its interesting to see the changes in reefkeeping in the last few years, things that were cutting edge have become commonplace now.
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Re: G1v1n's Skimmerless Liverockless Reef [Winner TOTM Jan08

Postby MaccaPopEye » Tue 21 Jul, 2015 11:10 pm

Hi G1v1n,

Your tank looks great, especially for its method of filtration. Good to hear you are taking an interest again, although it seems to have done quite well without you :P

What do you think it is that has given your tank so much success without conventional nutrient removal (skimmer, reactors, fuge etc.).

Also you mentioned some DIY dosing pumps that can't fail on. Any chance you could post some pics of them and a little how to?



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