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Cooling enclosed stand with GHL Propellerbreeze

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Cooling enclosed stand with GHL Propellerbreeze

Postby dawatson69 » Sun 16 Feb, 2014 7:11 pm

Hi Graeme and Phillip,

I have a 6ftx 2.5ftx 2ft aquarium with a 4ft sump.
I have just enclosed my tank stand with cupboard doors and am now finding that inside gets very warm and humid.
On each end panel I have installed vents to aid in circulation and get some fresh cool air flowing.
What I would like to do now is to install a Propellerbreeze (unsure on the number of fans needed) that will be controlled by my Profilux 3Ex, and be controlled by a Temp/Humidity probe (can these probes be used out of the water?) if this is possible?
If this is able to be done, what equipment would I need, and how do I do it?
Also what number of fans would I need to get adequate airflow?

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