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BC 009 - Dave

PostPosted: Mon 03 Aug, 2009 4:11 pm
by Dave
Username: Dave
Species: Okinawae ?
Social Structure: Single Pair
Size of Individuals: around 2cm
Age of Individuals: ?
Date added to Tank: Sun 2nd August 2009

Broodstock Tank Details
Size of Tank: tiny, 6.6 litres
Substrate Details: ugf plate
Filtration Details: hooked to 400lt reef system, skimmer, carbon, rowaphos, macro, rdsb, LR vault
Water Changes: erraticly
Water Temperature: 24-27
Lighting: 5w 9000k energy saver, daylight
Lighting Cycle: natural
Other Tank Inhabitants: none

Broodstock Feeding Details
Food Types: spirulina brine (hikari)
Feeding Schedule: once a day atm

Spawning Details
Date of First Spawn:
Dates of Consecutive Spawns:

Larval Tank Details
Size of Larval Tank:
Substrate Details:
Other Tank Decor:
Filtration Details:
Lighting Cycle:
Water Changes:

Larval Feeding Details
Food Types:
Feeding Schedule:

Additional Information
Miscellaneous Information:

I had fun building these little guys their own little house, problem is I saw a nice blue coloured coral goby at the shop and now I want to try a pair of them too. Probably going to end up with a little goby resort. Pics soon.


PostPosted: Fri 14 Aug, 2009 6:05 pm
by Dave
noticed the slightly larger one is chasing the smaller one at feeding time, both fish look healthy but I might have to separate them if it continues.


I removed the UGF plate because they both got under there somehow, I'm thinking they felt a bit vulnerable so I've let the sides get dirty and they look happier as a result.

hope everyone else is going well.

PostPosted: Mon 07 Sep, 2009 12:09 pm
by Dave
One of them has gone mia... I think he went overflow surfing and is in the sump, haven't spotted him yet though.

PostPosted: Sun 13 Sep, 2009 6:10 pm
by miskairal
I take it he never showed up again :(

PostPosted: Sat 03 Oct, 2009 8:17 am
by Chris
Any update, on pairing and feeding?