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New Product now in stock

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New Product now in stock

Postby Andries » Sun 25 May, 2014 11:53 am

MICROBE-LIFT KH Bio-Active Booster - 500 gr

Raises the alkalinity in sea and freshwater aquariums. MICROBE-LIFT KH Bio-Active Booster is a eclectic mix of various carbonate-enhancern to raise the KH valueMicrobe Lift Chelated Iron 236ml Reef & Marine.

The proper alkalinity ensures an optimum nitrification and a healthy growth of corals in reef tank.

Advantages Microbe-Lift Bio-Active Booster KH:
The carbonate hardness is raised quickly and safely.
MICROBE-LIFT KH Bio-Active Booster provides the major fuel for the nitrification of bacteria.
Coral growth is supported.
Only a sufficiently high alkalinity enables the in the nitrification participating bacteria to break down the dangerous ammonia / ammonium value. In freshwater aquariums at least a KH value of 3dKH ° and in a saltwater aquarium at least 8 dkH ° is necessary.

Dosage Microbe-Lift Bio-Active Booster KH:
One level scoop MICROBE-LIFT KH Bio-Active Booster increases in the carbonate:

20 liters to about 11 ° dkH
40 liters to about 5.5 ° dkH
80 liters to about 2.7 ° dkH
100 liters to about 2.2 ° dkH
http://www.guppysaquariumproducts.com.a ... -500g.html
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