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Some Web Specials

PostPosted: Thu 13 Mar, 2014 11:30 pm
by Andries
Up to 50% off Tetra fish food, limited quantity's at these prices.
New Arrival
MICMOL Aqua Pro Color LED Aquarium Light
We present to you the Aqua Pro Color. A superior product designed inside and out. Made to the highest standards for the best customer experience.
The Aqua Pro has 4 built-in smart touch buttons. You can easily set the timer, LED brightness, special effects such as sunrise, sunset, thunderstorms and more...
We offer 5% off this product for the next 5 days, don't miss out!
5% off Eheim LED lights ! - 5 Days only
Eheim Aqua Light LED Day-Light
Fresh water/Planted Tanks

With EHEIM AquaLight LED your plants get the correct type and amount of light for 80% less energy!
AquaLight LED is attractive and practical. You simply clamp the lamp onto the edge of the glass.

Eheim Power LED
Daylight / Actinic Blue
Reef/Marine Tanks

With EHEIM AquaLight LED your corals get the correct type and amount of light for 80% less energy!
High quality LED lamp for open top aquariums up to 35 cm high.Optimum illumination of the tank right to the bottom

Eheim Power LED Actinic Blue
Reef/Marine Tanks

Distributes light evenly throughout the tank and ensures a beautiful underwater world, due to a light spectrum and light intensity precisely designed for marine creatures and their growth requirements. The EHEIM marine water power LED “actinic blue” (blue 450 nm) promotes colour rendition and the growth of corals.

New web site tips...
Some customers complained that they could not search products by brand on the new site.
It is possible and very easy to search by brand/manufacturer but it seems that the option was easily overlooked so we have moved it to a more visible position.
Simply click on the category of interest and the "Refine by" box will be displayed above the categories. Select the Manufacturer from the pull-down menu to refine your search.

More search criterias will be added soon.