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Hi there

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Hi there

Postby Tkearins » Sat 23 Feb, 2019 10:36 am

Hi people my name is Tom and I used to keep a mixed reef tank sadly when I was overseas we had a power surge and the safety switch went off leaving the aquarium without power for almost a month. Due to financial reasons from an injury I was unable to recover it at the time and my broken leg meant I was unable to clean it. Now that im recovered I plan on making my 300l aqua reef 300 series 1 a seahorse tank mabye with some mandarins as I left the aquarium for months I believe most the tiny critters such as the micobrittle stars and copepods died luckly I kept the live rock and as it was near a window the coraline algae took over the glass which meant it grew back on the rock nice and fast. currently it houses a cleanup crew 2 surviving starfish they (god knows how) and I introduced copepods and mysid shrimp so that when I stock the animals they will have a live food source to supplement their frozen food or help me train them onto frozen food. I run the stock standard HO t5s but modified the the sump to include a bubble magus skimmer as the stock one was horrific and replaced the bioballs with a marine pure bio block and I run a phosban reactor and auto top off with 2 pp8 jeabo wavemakers iv had the tank up and running for over 3 months now first empty then with the cleanup crew. I ran into a obsticle when it came to stocking plants/coral for the seahorses as im not a fan of plastic decorations and I want it to look nice and natural but I heard seahorses will damage sps coral and seafans is this true?. so anyway my plan was to stock it with macro algae which just dosent seem to exist in Australia for sale. has anyone who kept seahorses got any advice for me on stocking plants/coral and general seahorse care
Thanks heaps everyone (sorry cant work out how to add any pics)
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Re: Hi there

Postby BlackSesame » Tue 05 Mar, 2019 12:49 am

What macro algae are you looking for? I keep chaeto and most lfs stock it

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