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Hello from the Batavia Coast WA

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Hello from the Batavia Coast WA

Postby Jk_Batavia_83 » Sun 13 May, 2018 1:28 am

Hi Everyone,

I'm Jenna & from WA :) I have a very keen interest in marine aquariums(The imagination of possibilities is endless with these things). I have my diploma in aquaculture, but unfortunately it was really 60% freshwater/ dams etc than saltwater so I'm kinda not to knowledgeable in depth of tank set ups etc.

I've had my own saltwater tank many years ago w/ help from a student at our local institute who was really good at doing water changes & testing ;)

I've only just found this page tonight whilst researching a tank that I'm wanting to start very soon for a small marine setup. By reading past forum posts I think this is an awesome community of passionate people who love their hobby and are genuinely out to give wonderful helpful advise.So I look forward to be receiving any of your advice/ ideas as if I can, do the same :)

Ok, that's enough from me now

Hi, I am new around here!
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Re: Hello from the Batavia Coast WA

Postby Alf D » Sun 13 May, 2018 9:06 am

Welcome Jenna,
there is a wealth of information to be found here.
Reefpedia, at the very top of this site, is a good place to start and also the specific forums.

For inspiration, check out the tank journals relevant to your tank size.
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