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About the Business Q&A / Feedback Forum

For use by LFSs (Aquarium stores) and other Aquarium related businesses with a shopfront for posts of commercial nature including stock lists, business announcements, specials, employment opportunities, etc. The rules for this forum are outlined in the RTAW Rules, Policies and Disclaimers.

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About the Business Q&A / Feedback Forum

Postby MASA » Thu 20 Sep, 2007 6:05 pm

The Business Q&A / Feedback Forum was created to provide a single place to post:
  • questions of other users about a business or businesses
  • feedback on the performance of a business
  • information you may have about a business
In addition to these guidelines, the RTAW Forum Rules also apply.

What It Is Not
This forum is NOT a place to:
  • be used for resolution of issues you may have with a business
  • advertise or promote a business. Businesses may reply to posts in this forum however new threads must be made in one of the appropriate commercial forums.

Negative Feedback
We encourage all types of feedback however it is a fact of life that we now live in a litiguous world. If you would like to leave negative feedback it is your responsibility to ensure that it is not defamatory in any way. We take no responsibility for you knowing what is and isn't defamatory and will not hesitate to pass any/all details identifying you in our possesion should we be required to do so under Australian law. We also reserve the right to remove any content that we may assess as being innappropriate without reason or recourse.

It appears that there is some misunderstanding among RTAW Forums users on what these rules actually mean and what can / cannot be posted. In particular, there is the impression that you cannot post any negative feedback, which simply is not the case.

In the past, topics made by users with negative feedback on a business have been removed, with people then crying that "it was removed because it was negative feedback towards a business" and the moderators are "protecting the business". This could not be further from the truth. In all cases they were removed from public view because they were outside the RTAW Forums Rules and / or the guidelines for the Feedback Forum. If the poster kept it factual, avoided hearsay, left emotion out of it and didn't use the forum as a method to resolve a dispute, then it would have remained. Unfortunately, those providing negative feedback can find it difficult to leave the emotion out of it. If a user has had material removed, then it can be reposted as long as it subsequently follows the rules / guidelines that it overstepped previously.

Users also have to realise that the RTAW Moderators cannot make a judgment either way as to who is right and who is wrong with a dispute. We simply do not have the information, time or money to go into great detail with both parties concerned to attempt to reach the truth of what has happened.

In such litigious times it far safer for moderators to remove posts from public view that may infringe upon Australian Defamation/Libel Law in order to protect both the original poster and ourselves from legal implication. A quick Google search of relevant information includes links of this nature:

Business Feedback Template

PRODUCT / ITEM: skimmer

SERVICE RECOMMENDATION: positive / negative / recommend / not recommend / not applicable

PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION: positive / negative / recommend / not recommend / not applicable

AFTER SALES SUPPORT/WARRANTY: positive / negative / recommend / not recommend / not applicable

WOULD YOU RECOMMEND THE BUSINESS TO FELLOW MEMBERS: recommend / not recommend / not applicable

REASON: reason for feed back (facts only, no emotion)

The guidelines for above template are as follows:
  • No emotion in the feedback (emotional posts will be removed).
  • Stick to the facts.
  • MASx membership required (this helps to stop unknown nameless user creating an account and providing false feedback).
  • Once posted your topic will be locked.
  • Business may reply, but within their own section of RTAW Forums
  • We (RTAW Moderators) also reserve the right to remove any content that may be assessed as being inappropriate without reason or recourse.
  • The above template to be used for feedback.

This has been created as a trial and will be reevaluated periodically to make sure it is not being abused.
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