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October 2008 - Dee Gjedsted (Deester) PDF Print

Congratulations to Dee Gjedsted on winning TOTM for October 2008 with his inspirational reef!

Dee is known as Desters on the RTAW Forums and you can read more about his tank in his Tank Journal.



Well my reefing background has only been a relatively short one, just under 2 years to be exact. I started keeping fresh water tanks on and off around 20 years ago with various Cichlids and the like. I was always fascinated by salt water/reef tanks, but was always under the impression they where a lot harder to keep, not too mention the added expense.

Thanks to a good friend in the aquarium industry in
Melbourne, I was able to get one of the Red Sea Max tanks at a good price when they where first released. That tank was a great start and introduction to reefing and since then I have not looked back. I shut down all my fresh water tanks and went solely salt water.

I had to sell my Red Sea Max due to moving interstate with work, but this enabled me to set up my first custom rig with a sump etc. After many hours researching on RTAW forum I finally decided on the rig I have currently. The size was pretty much dictated by the fact I live in a very small apartment, my wife still thinks the tank is grossly over sized for our apartment ... I would dearly love more space for a larger tank, but the next tank wont be until we move to a larger place ... fingers crossed. Until then, I am more than happy to tinker away with my current set up, which is now almost 12 months old.

Current Tank...

30inch x 20inch x 20inch
Euro Braced 10ml Glass
Cabinet is 1m high with 8inch high open top crown hood
Sump 21inch x 18inch x 18inch - Basic design 3 compartments
30L RO storage glass tank inside cabinet

Total system approximate 250L


25kg live rock
Shallow sand bed 20ml - 30ml deep coarse grain
ZEOvit System
Reef Octopus NW110 Skimmer

Water Flow...

2 x Tunze Nano 6045's
1 x Tunze Nano 6025
1 x Tunze 3000lph adjustable return pump


Recently upgraded (1 month ago) -
Lumen Bright 250W DE mini pendant reflector
CoralVue 250W dimmable E-Ballast
AOA 20K 250W bulb
11 hour cycle - on at 11am off at 10pm

Prior 10 months I was using a SunSun 1x150W MH - 2x24W T5(actinic) pendant with 14K BLV globe.

Other Equipment...

Tunze Osmolator for automatic RO top up.
Hailea 150A Chiller driven with Eheim compact 2000 pump.
Turbo custom built dual chamber ZEOvit Reactor driven with Eheim compact 600 pump.
PSI Filters RO with DI filter for top up water.
200W Jager heater.


Water Parameters...

Salinity 1.025
PH 8.2
KH 7.4 dKH
Calcium 410ppm
Mg 1250ish ppm
P04 undetectable
N03 undetectable
All tests with Salifert kits.


Damp rid manually dosed daily to maintain calcium
Baking soda manually dosed daily to maintain alkalinity

ZEOvit Basic4
ZEO Coral vitalizer
ZEO Sponge power
ZEO K balance normal
ZEO Amino Acid HC
ZEO Carbon


20L weekly NSW water change.
Clean glass once weekly.
Clean skimmer collection cup twice weekly.


Fish Stock...

2 Ocellaris - Clown Fish
1 Gramma Loreto - Royal Gramma
1 Pseudanthias squampinnis - Lyretail Anthias
1 Pseudocheilinus hexataenia- Six Line Wrasse

Coral Stock...

Various Acropora
Various Montipora
Euphyllia parancora
Fungia Orange

Invertebrate Stock...

3 Maxima clams
2 Trochus snails
2 Micro hermits
Various other small snails




Firstly, I would like to thank RTAW/MASA forums for awarding me the Oct 08 TOTM, it was totally unexpected and is greatly appreciated.

I would like to thank everyone on every level that does their bit to help make RTAW tick along, RTAW has been and always will be a great source of information and local knowledge for me, without such a great resource ... I am sure my time reefing would been a lot more frustrating.

I would also like to thank all the MASS guys and gals for their help and support over the past year ... you guys know who you are.

I have to thank my dear wife for her enduring patience as I spend many an hour tinkering away with this and that. I also have to acknowledge my 2.5 year old son who loves to help dad with the tank and "dorals" (corals) and who now loves to come on dad's LFS crawls ... A junior reefer in the making, what more could a proud reefer ask for ?

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